Dr. Alex Eltes is a senior dermatologist renowned in Israel and world-wide.

In the course of his work he was exposed to the field of dermatological aesthetics and decided to specialize in this field.

In addition to having vast knowledge of all the traditional aesthetic methods, Dr. Eltes has brought new methods and ideas on aesthetics to Israel, including the integration of homeopathic medicine in treatments.

Dr. Alex Eltes believes that each and every person can enjoy a long-lasting glamorous, aesthetic, healthy and youthful appearance.

Dr. Eltes takes part regularly in international and national conventions and makes a point of being updated constantly on the most important innovations. In his clinic, Dr. Eltes applies the most advanced treatment methods known in the world of aesthetics.

He was trained in Europe’s leading centers, mainly in France.
Dr. Eltes is an active member in the following scientific and professional organizations:

  • Israeli Association of Dermatology and Venerology
  • Israeli Society of Dermatological Surgery* The Israeli Mesotherapy Association
  • European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology
  • International Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  • World Society of Antiaging Medicine
  • Global Health Network
  • International Society of Lipolylsistherapy
  • International Society of Hyperhidrosis
  • International Society of Mesotherapy
  • European Society of Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dermatology



My name is Dr. Alex Eltes, dermatologist.

I have lived in Israel since 1990, happily married for over 30 years, with two wonderful children.
Professionally speaking…

I graduated medical school in the USSR in 1985. I specialized in dermatology after immigrating to Israel.
When I started my internship, I was exposed to the fascinating world of dermal aesthetics. Since then, for the past two decades, aesthetic medicine has constituted the greater part of my professional life. During this period I have had the pleasure, privilege and honor of learning from the world’s leading aestheticians and integrating their experience into my personal approach; an approach whose essence is respecting the unique qualities of each and every patient and highlighting the natural beauty that exists within each of us. Once, when preparing a lecture, I encountered an ingenuous saying on a website, as follows:
“The secret to beauty is not in looking younger, but in looking better.”

Now that I myself teach and mentor other physicians, I base my teaching method on this approach.
What about dermatology?

Throughout the years of engaging in aesthetic medicine I have never stopped working as a dermatologist. Now, too, I provide service for HMO members in the north and center of Israel. Furthermore, I am convinced that aesthetic medicine is an inseparable part of dermatology. At the end of the day, treating the changes and damage caused by age, sun, smoking etc. actually is skin treatment which requires extensive knowledge in this realm, in everything related to the skin's structure, its function and skin diseases that sometimes play a critical role in planning aesthetic treatment.
Besides medicine…

I am certain that the greatest wonder humanity has attained is art. Various types of classical music and treasures of fine art fill my family’s life and are our foremost area of interest outside of work. Thanks to this pastime we discovered how profound the connection is between all things associated with the terms “beautiful” and “aesthetic”. Thus, the idea was born to combine ongoing academic activities, for example study days and seminars for physicians, with such cultural events as lectures, concerts, meetings with artists, art exhibitions etc. The events are designed for our entire customer audience – both physicians and patients.

In summary

Our clinics are at your disposal, both through your HMO and for private treatment. Our mission is to provide professional, humane and personal medicine combined with all the beauty that surrounds us.

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